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Happy Interiors Group is a downtown Minneapolis, MN based full service design firm. We believe interior design should be a necessity not a luxury. Our focus is simple - creating your dream home no matter what your budget may be. Our team is accustomed to creating environments in a broad range of interior design styles. Whether it's an update to a kitchen or a total remodel, our goal is to help you achieve a home that you’ll feel proud to show off. Learn more about us by exploring our website, blog and face book pages.
Happy Tips
  • Happy Tip
    Velvet is all the rage this year. Think deep jewel tones when incorporating it into your design plan.
  • Happy Tip
    Nailed It!
    Adding nailhead trim to a piece of furniture gives it a high-end look. The technique began in the 17th Century and had a practical purpose. Today with different sizes and colors, think of it as jewelry for your furniture.
  • Happy Tip
    Mixed Patterns
    Add personality to your room by mixing patterns. If you’re afraid you don’t know what goes together, most manufacturers have fabrics (and sometimes wallpapers) that coordinate perfectly.
  • Happy Tip
    Lighting Must Haves
    Three types of lighting every room should have.
    • 1. Ambient - overhead
    • 2. Task - focused on an area for specific activity
    • 3. Accent - such as a sconce to add interest
  • Happy Tip
    Coffered Ceilings
    Transform a plain room with a coffered ceiling. Coffered ceilings create the illusion of space and offer an aesthetic appeal. There are many kinds of molding, trim and beams to choose from. They add comfort by absorbing sound and can also add value to your property.
  • Happy Tip
    Nightstand Lighting
    Free up space on your nightstand by hanging a pair of pendant lights or sconces over them.
  • Happy Tip
    Accessories of Three...
    Three’s a crowd? Not when when it comes to accessories. Always use groups of three. Even numbers leave the viewer wanting more, while groups of three, five or seven feel finished.
  • Happy Tip
    Go Big
    Balance your room with at least one large scale piece. Whether it be a huge piece of art or an over-sized coffee table, or both. The bigger the better!